Grape allergy

Commonly associated with apple, peach, cherry allergy (rosaceae).

You can be allergic to some grape varieties but ok with others. Some may be allergic to grape but not wine, whereas others might not tolerate grape, wine or raisins/sultanas/currants.

Apart from wine, there’s also white wine vinegar, and vine leaves (stuffed in Greek and middle eastern cuisine!

Some people complain of bloating with grapes, this is usually fructose intolerance rather than allergy.

Reactions to wine (symptoms such as flush, rhinitis, asthma, and migraine) are not rare, but can be caused by different things:

  • type 1 immediate allergy to grape
  • type 1 immediate allergy to moulds (“the noble rot” for example is a mould that gives Tokay and Sauternes their character)
  • intolerance reactions to histamine and sulphite.

LTP sensitization seen, associated with anaphylaxis.