Definition: At least 2 unprovoked (or reflex) seizures, occurring more than 24hrs apart; else one unprovoked (or reflex) seizure and probability of further seizures similar to that seen in those who have had 2 unprovoked seizures (ie at least 60%); or recognized epilepsy syndrome.  Also part of the definition is that epilepsy is considered “resolved” if age dependent syndrome and past applicable age, or else those who have been seizure free for 10 years and off medication for 5 years. (ILAE 2014)

Note that “seizure” does not have any real medical meaning!  Transient signs/symptoms due to excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in brain (ILAE 2017) – but implies you can tell whether caused by abnormal brain activity, which can be hard!

First assessment:


Should not be started after first tonic-clonic generalized seizure. Try not to start before EEG done as may mask features.

Refer to tertiary if –

  • child fails to respond to two AEDs appropriate to the epilepsy in adequate dosages over a period of 6 months (SIGN), or 3 over 12 months (NICE)
  • children less than 2 years with epilepsy as defined

SPEN network has pathways for first seizure, new diagnosis, continuing seizures.

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