Social determinants of health

David Gordon of International Poverty Research centre at Bristol has parody of Chief Medical Officer’s top ten tips for health – Number 1 is “don’t be poor”.

1Don’t smoke. If you can, stop. If you can’t, cut down.Don’t be poor. If you are poor, try not to be poor for too long.
2Follow a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.Don’t live in a deprived area. If you do, move.
3Keep physically activeDon’t be disabled or have a disabled child.
4Manage stress by, for example, talking things through and making time to relax.Don’t work in a stressful low-paid manual job.
5If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.Don’t live in damp, low quality housing or be homeless.
6Cover up in the sun, and protect children from sunburn.Be able to afford to pay for social activities and annual holidays.
7Practise safer sex.Don’t be a lone parent.
8Take up cancer screening opportunities.Claim all benefits to which you are entitled.
9Be safe on the roads: follow the Highway Code.Be able to afford to own a car.
10Learn the First Aid ABC: airways, breathing and circulation.Use education as an opportunity to improve your socio-economic position.

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