Staphylococcal bacteraemia

7-14 days IV recommended if uncomplicated. Higher relapse rate with shorter course.

Uncomplicated viz

  • Negative repeat blood cultures
  • Defervescence within 72 hours of treatment
  • No evidence of endocarditis
  • No prosthesis or venous catheter
  • No evidence of metastatic infection
  • No underlying immune issues

I wonder about PVL positive though.

Should echo if high risk for endocarditis, or persistent fever. And joints, abdominal cavity, CNS probably higher risk for treatment failure.

Consider removing catheters

Neonates should get 14 days IV.

If endocarditis, then 4-6 weeks IV treatment.

If osteoarthritis, then 3-6 weeks IV/oral treatment.

[Peds 2020]