Lanolin allergy

Prob less common than suspected or talked about in eczema circles. Allergy to medical grade lanolin particularly uncommon, cf raw wool.

Patch testing pretty non reproducible! Not all lanolin the same?! Presence of alcohol important?!

So some v vocal critics of allergy “panic”!

Lanolin in cosmetics tends not to cause any problems, presence of damaged skin may be important for reactions.

For moisturisers, the following are lanolin free:

  • Aveeno
  • QV
  • Hydromol ok too?
  • [Not E45]

For bath additives, the following are lanolin free:

  • Cetraben
  • Diprobath
  • Balneum
  • Doublebase
  • Hydromol
  • Dermol 600
  • [Not Oilatum]

Steroid creams seem to be ok, at least Eumovate, Betnovate, Fucibet.