Post operative ENT complications

Post adenoidectomy

Trickling blood behind uvula or hanging clot are reasons for re-exploration.

Post tonsillectomy

Secondary haemorrhage typically at 5-7 days.  Beware constant swallowing! White slough normal. Yellow (with pain) might mean infection so Corsodyl or peroxide gargles, 3-6x daily, possibly antibiotics.

History of bleeding but clear fossae – assess general condition and exclude bleeding disorder (family history), safety net.

If small clot, observe to see if enlarging. Every 15 mins or more if still spitting/swallowing. IV access and fast. Sit up.

Active bleeding needs anaesthetist for airway management, crossmatch too. Tonsil tray – adrenaline solution soaked swab applied to bleeding spot with Magill’s forceps until reaches theatre. Ice packs for back of neck. Post exploration NG tube to keep stomach empty.

Tranexamic acid, DDAVP? Eg vWD