Insulin pumps

Pumps particularly good for recurrent hypoglycaemia, suboptimal control, under 5s, better QOL.

Good for sport.

Parents report loss of control!

Continuous blood glucose monitoring – 6 days, twice daily calibration bloods. Not Prescribable. Some link to pumps, others diagnostic only. Newest pumps can auto-adjust rate but only downwards. Esp normal pre-prandial bloods but Suspected hyperglycaemic between meals.

Ketones cause insulin resistance so higher doses acceptable. Blood ketone over 3 must come to hospital, but no fixed need for IV therapy.

Tight glucose from diagnosis seems to give best results in long term – “metabolic memory”? Prolonged honeymoon phase? Better education?

ADAPT study starting, prevention.

Only 15g snack allowed if on pen eg half apple! Else low carb eg cheese, pepperoni. Pumps allowed snacks of any size, tend to calm down after first couple of weeks!

Digestion v variable. High fat, high carb? Glycemic index ie fibre. Chewing!

Pump can bolus with individual courses! Slow bolus for cinema or buffet meal eg over 30 mins.

Non-waterproof pumps disconnected for bath etc, shower cap applies to cannula site, leave pump running to avoid air space.