Risk factors of allergy

Children reported to have taken antibiotics during infancy (0-2yrs) were more likely to have asthma at 7.5yrs, with a dose response pattern.  No association between antibiotic use and atop on skin prick testing however!  Hoskin-Parr, Ped All Imm 2013;24:762 (Avon longitudinal study)


At 18/12 of age, babies born by SVD and whose parents suck their dummy are 2.5x less likely to have eczema than those born by LSCS whose parents do not suck their dummies.  Germany/Sweden, Peds 2013;131:e1829


Children born outside of US much less likely to have allergic disorder (OR 0.48), although those who have lived in US for 10+yrs have higher odds of eczema and hay fever cf those who have lived in US under 2 years.  But not clear whether children moved from developing or developed country.  Ped 2013;167:554


Inverse dose response effect between food diversity in infancy and asthma (OR 0.74).  26% reduction in asthma for every additional item of food added in the first year of life.  Increased risk of food allergy by age 6yr (OR0.7), but no longer statistically significant after excluding children with food allergy in the first year of life.  European cohort, JACI 2014;133:1056