= excessive sweating.

Primary usually develops in adolescence, usually focal esp palms, soles, axillae.  Often family history.

Secondary tends to be generalized but can be focal.  Long list of causes – endocrine, neurological, chronic infection, catecholamines etc.

Treatment in children is limited to anti-perspirants and iontophoresis devices (these would have to be purchased by the family – there are tray devices for feet and hands, or pads for the body, you use 3 times a week).

For the armpits you can use aluminium hydrochloride (eg Driclor). It can cause irritation so you need to dry the armpit carefully before use (a blow dryer can be good for this).

You may sometimes need topical steroid if the skin gets very inflamed.

I believe GPs can prescribe 1% glycopyrrolate in cetomacrogol cream for use 2-4 times daily.

For widespread sweating, you can prescribe probanthine or oxybutinin as you would for adults – build up the dose slowly to avoid side effects. Clearly surgery (sympathectomy) and botox are a last resort, and you would need to find a provider happy to offer this to a young person under 14. 

Patient Support

Patient Support is available at www.sweathelp.org (US) and https://hyperhidrosisuk.org/ (UK).

Young person site http://www.sweatometer appears to be down.