COVID19 treatment

Death from COVID19 usually from cytokine storm and multi-organ failure (often resulting in secondary haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis).

WHO recommends dexamethasone for severe/critical COVID19 disease, on basis of REACT metanalysis.

Severe defined as any of:

  • Sats <90%
  • Tachypnoea (>30 in over 5s, >40 over 2 etc)
  • Severe respiratory distress

Critical defined as ARDS, septic shock or anything else that would require critical care.

For high risk (including high BMI), neutralising antibodies.

Sotrovimab – for 12-16yrs, pre-hospitalisation, PCR positive and onset of symptoms within previous 5 days. Not if new oxygen requirement or weight under 40kg. 1% vs 7% placebo hospitalisation or death (85% reduction).