= excessive sweating.

Primary usually develops in adolescence, usually focal esp palms, soles, axillae.  Often family history.

Secondary tends to be generalized but can be focal.  Long list of causes – endocrine, neurological, chronic infection, catecholamines etc.

Treatment in kids is limited to anti-perspirants and iontophoresis (devices available, administered via trays for feet and hands, via pads for body – do 3x per week).

For axillae – aluminium hydrochloride like Driclor. It causes irritation due to hydrochloride, so dry armpit carefully before use (blow dryer if required), and consider intermittent topical steroid to alleviate discomfort.

GPs can also prescribe 1% glycopyrrolate in cetomacrogol cream for topical use 2-4/d – this is obtainable from the Western Infirmary Production Unit (Pharmacy).

For generalised disease – probanthine or oxybutinin – dose titrated up slowly to point of efficacy and minimal side effects – works well.

Surgery – botox, or sympathectomy, eg if disabling i.e. constantly dripping hands,

Patient Support


Young person site although it is aimed at US families, http://www.sweatometer.org/