Values based reflective practice

VBRP (Michael patterson)

Reflection vs quality control, reporting back to management!

Bitching=reflection without looking to future!

Should be a process of turning history into learning.  Purpose is to reflect on practice, with a view to fostering habit of reflecting IN practice.

Start is traditionally with Actual Practice.  VBRP starts with Motivations (Soul and role, vision and values.  Why bother!?).  Sorting that out tends to deal with problem of quality control!  From Actual practice, then to Potential practice.

Needs conducive environment cf patronising, judging, analysing.  Else survival but not learning.

2 tools available – 3 levels of seeing, and NAVVY.

3 levels of seeing

•    Observe without interpreting (don’t hold back!)
•    Questioning/curiosity (I wonder…  Do you ever…)
•    What do you think now? (Penny drops – perception, realization)

Offensively simple, but hard to do without diving in.


•    Needs – whose needs were met?  Not met?
•    Abilities – what does situation tell us about abilities/capabilities?
•    Voice and power – Who was heard?  Not heard?
•    Values – what was undervalued?  Overvalued?
•    You – what does situation say about you/me/us?

What’s the matter with you? cf What matters to you?

“Nothing about me, without me” (mental health)

Can be applied to ward rounds, MDT, training/education, service delivery etc etc

Research has shown increased motivation, satisfaction, confidence and reduced stress.  Even better team communication (shared values?).