SUDI – Risks

Prone sleeping promoted cortical arousal (CA) responses in healthy preterm infants throughout the first six months of post-term age. Previously suggested that in term infants enhanced CA represents a critical protection against a potentially harmful situation; for preterm-born infants the need for this protection is potentially greater than in term infants. Crown Horne 2013.  PMID 23725788

4% of unselected cases had long QT mutations [NZ] – increased to 16% when cases guided by cardiac genetics.  But poor uptake of screening!

36% of excess infant mortality in US South due to SUDI (90% of excess mortality in Kentucky!  59% due to non-hispanic black population).

A previous maltreatment report emerged as a significant predictor of SIDS and other SUID. After adjusting for baseline risk factors, the rate of SIDS was more than 3 times as great among infants reported for possible maltreatment (hazard ratio: 3.22; 95% CI: 2.66, 3.89).  [US, PMID 24139442]